Biodegradable dog waste bags

Poop Bags in numbers – example Germany

  • Germany uses 11.7 million tons of plastic per year, more than any other country in Europe.*
  • While the consumption of plastic bags in Germany has dropped significantly from about 5.3 billion ** annually to 3.6 billion ***, the number of dog waste bags has increased strikingly. German cities alone issue 285 million dog waste bags annually ****.
  • This corresponds to almost 8% of all the plastic bags used. The privately purchased dog waste bags are not included in this calculation.

We want to raise environmental awareness and replace conventional plastics in the market for dog waste bags, so we developed biodegradable dog waste bags to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Biodegradable poop bags – for a plastic-free environment.

Biodegradable dog waste bags are manufactured with 30% renewable raw materials. This results in a lower crude oil consumption and CO2 savings, seeing as the burning of the renewable resources releases only the amount of CO2 which was absorbed during the growth period. The packaging, of course, is also free of plastic.

Despite being eco-friendly, our dog waste bags are not just tearproof and humidity-resistant, but dog owners also enjoy the dull, lackluster surface which gives the bags a pleasant feel.

It’s important that the dog waste bags also decompose in a natural environment. Only then can it be ensured that the plastic waste problem caused by poop bags is being reduced. The salient biodegradability of our dog waste bags (OK compost HOME certified) even works under local temperature conditions, so that after just a few days they show clear traces of degradation in a natural environment (see the video: Biodegradation of TSP home compostable dog waste bags in nature).

The home-compostable dog waste bags are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and plasticizers.

Guaranteed million fold quality and safety by the market leader for biodegradable dog waste bags in German urban supplies.

Well-conceived design – made for dog owners.

The poop bags offer a particularly secure and less direct feeling due to their thick design (18 micrometer). The 23 cm x 33 cm large dog waste bag provides adequate space for the hand. This extra-large design allows easy handling.

The 8 small rolls, ideal for pockets and most of the clips, are held together by a sticker made of paper or cardboard which is also biodegradable. The core of the roll is also made of cardboard and can be composted.

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